MOT your body: “Movement Screening” now available to book online!


Assessing movement competency is an important feature of profiling injury risk and we have created a movement screen to do exactly that! Our 100 point screening battery assesses whole body joint range of motion qualities and dynamic movement competencies. We test each body part and profile how well you do in a Red-Amber-Green system that earns you more points the better you perform. This is easily understood in our colour coded tables and body charts. We give you a total score out of 100 and most importantly, recommendations on how to improve your shortfalls that might lead to injury or things that are holding you back from performing at your best!

Invicta’s movement screen has been tried and tested on hundreds of patients and is now available to be booked online through the “Book Now” tab on our website. The screen takes 30 minutes to complete and we will send you and electronic version of your results for future reference.


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