Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness explained

In a recent national statistics report, 8.9 million days of work were lost through musculoskeletal injury in Great Britain in 2019/20. On average, each person suffering took 18.4 days off work due to musculoskeletal disorders, many off which may have been avoidable through prevention and management strategies. Days missed through injury and illness has a massive impact on the productivity of your business. Invicta have pledged to work with local businesses to increase the productivity of your workforce by delivering these management strategies in our ‘Resiliency Series’.

Why use Invicta

Our therapists frequently manage work related injuries and prescribe management and prevention through corrective exercise, posture, and education. We will come to your workplace, speak to your employees, offer treatments, and group workshops to remedy those ailments preventing productivity. If you are a business owner and would be interested in implementing these valuable services to your workforce, then contact Invicta for more information. 

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