Recovering from a debilitating back spasm to become Superbike race champion

We love it when a plan comes together! An accurate diagnosis, a management plan delivered with clarity and a patient with the upmost compliance and willingness to succeed – we are able to deliver you another patient success story.

Meet Mike, a superbike racer and seasoned professional on the race circuit. One week out from a race in the Isle of Man and a serious back spasm limiting his chances of competing. We were able to identify the problem, treat it accordingly and give this patient the tools to manage his issues going forward. Following two sessions in a week, Mike was not only able to compete but ended up winning his event. Well done Mike!

Here’s what he had to say:

“James kept my motorcycle road race championship alive, with a long-term back problem leaving me unable to compete, with two sessions in just one week he got the understanding of the problem and made sure I was able to compete. I ended up winning the next event! Fantastic job, couldn’t recommend him enough”

Superbike racer

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Photo credit: Stephan Louis on Unsplash


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