Helping Athletes Bounce Back: The Story of Harry and Invicta Health and Performance

At Invicta Health and Performance in Sandbach, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive physiotherapy services to help athletes recover from serious injuries and get back to the sport they love. Our expert-led rehabilitation program, combined with the hard work and dedication of our patients, has resulted in numerous successful outcomes and we take great pride in their achievements.

Meet Harry, who suffered a serious hamstring injury and an avulsion fracture of his ischial tuberosity playing football in February. He got told it could be 6-9 months before he played again but representing England at an international football tournament in the summer was the pinnacle of his young career. With 4 months to go, we created a plan involving regular physiotherapy and rehabilitation back to sport. We made sure Harry was on the plane to the tournament and not only did he succeed in playing, he overachieved in light of his injury to be one of the star performers. Well done Harry!

Here’s what his dad had to say:

“I brought my son to James in early February after he was misdiagnosed by another physio as having a Grade 2 hamstring injury. He is 15 years old and was selected for an international tournament abroad in July so we needed to make sure he was getting the best physio. 

Three weeks after injury with no improvement my son said he wanted to change physio so we were recommended to James. He fitted him in really quickly and after a thorough examination was honest and said that if he is not feeling any better after 3 weeks he thinks the injury has been misdiagnosed. He advised an MRI scan which proved to be crucial in working on the correct approach to get him back fit. 

James arranged the scan and for it to be read by a top consultant which ultimately diagnosed a much more serious injury where his hamstring tendon had pulled away from his bone with bone still attached. 

Once this was diagnosed properly he set about a 4 month physio plan that gave my son the best chance of playing in the tournament. This progressed from complete rest to managed twice weekly gym sessions with benchmarking to gauge the progress he was making. 

All the exercises he was given were designed to no only help repair the injury but work on the full range of muscles in the legs to mitigate against further injury. 

James even went to the extent of arranging running sessions and ball work to give him the confidence of knowing he can play football again.

Thankfully he is back playing football now and is due to go to the tournament in a weeks time. We can’t recommend James enough for his attention to detail and knowledge of what need doing“.

Whatsapp message from happy client and an image of his son playing soccer.

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